cannot convert ‘std::string’ to ‘char**’ for argument ‘1’ to ‘__ssize_t getline(char**, size_t*, FILE*)’

You have quite a number of problems with your code.

Let’s start with:

int main(int argc, char **argv)
    int spaces,line,characters = 0; // Delete this line
    ifstream infile;                // Delete this line"fox.txt");         // Delete this line
        int result1 = count1(argv[1]);
        int result2 = count2(argv[1]);
        int result3 = count3(argv[1]);
        cout<<result1<<' '<<result2<<' '<<result3<<endl;
    } catch (const char *e) {

All these are not used in main()! It seems you have a problem understanding the scope of a variable, i.e. when is the variable accessible/valid. A variable declare in main() is not accessible in the function called from main().

So in each of your function you need to open the file again. Something like:

ifstream infile;;
if (!infile)
    throw "file cannot be opened";

in all three functions.

And then the getline – use



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