Creata a UIPickerView. Delegate=self [closed]

Couple of problems. You’ve implemented two of the methods with the wrong names: -pickView:didSelectRow:inComponent: should be -pickerView:didSelectRow:inComponent:, and -pickView:titleForRow:forComponent: should be -pickerView:titleForRow:forComponent:. Also, you’re setting the picker view’s delegate, but you aren’t setting its dataSource, so your code that returns the actual items to display isn’t getting called; you need a pickerView1.dataSource = self; as well.

Also, as sosborn and Rickay commented, your post is really unclear—the only reason I could answer this is because several things are obviously wrong with the code you posted. In general, to get a usable answer on SO, you need to provide more information: what you’re trying to do, exactly what isn’t working, and (ideally) what you’ve tried to fix it thus far. Asking an actual question can help too.

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