Difference between Git and Nexus?

There are both referential:

  • one (Git) is a source referential for version control (with features like merging, branching, tags)
  • the other (Nexus) is an artifact referential for any delivery (binaries or not)

The referential database differs also:

  • Git has its own internal repository storage mechanism
  • Nexus is simply a collection of shared directories with a naming convention ( group.artifact.version ).
    As described in “What is a repository“: a collection of binary software artifacts and metadata stored in a defined directory structure.

The idea is that, for large deliveries that can be produced quite often, it is much easier to store them in Nexus ( you can clean them easily enough: cd + rm ), as opposed to version them ( which makes a DVCS repo like Git way too big way too fast to be cloned easily ).

So their goals are different, as I explain in:

You manage what you code in Git, and what you build in Nexus.

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