Does any change in any file inside bin folder cause application recycle in ASP.NET web application?

First, i can not provide a link to an official documentation. But from what i’ve read every change in the bin-folder(incl. subfolders) will cause the IIS to recycle the application domain.

Abrupt Application Pool Recycling

  1. Any modifications in the Application’s BIN Directory

  2. Making changes in any Configuration File/s, like Web.config or others ( if you have any specific config file in your application say in a directory called App_Config).

  3. Making modifications in the Source code files in APP_CODE Directory. This maybe change in any Source code files, or adding or deleting files from this directory.

  4. Making changes in the Global.asax file

  5. Making Changes in the Machine.config file.

  6. Making any modifications in the Web Application’s Root Directory. This means creating files/subdirectories on the fly can lead to application pool recycling.

  7. Modifications for references of Web Services of App_WebReferences directory.

  8. Modifying the Security Settings of any directory in the Root directory. (Like specifying read security rights for everyone or any other specific user or user group.)

Here’s some reading:

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