dynamically loading django apps at runtime

Update for Django 1.8 on how to load an app that is not loaded yet

from collections import OrderedDict
from django.apps import apps
from django.conf import settings
from django.core import management

new_app_name = "my_new_app"

settings.INSTALLED_APPS += (new_app_name, )
# To load the new app let's reset app_configs, the dictionary
# with the configuration of loaded apps
apps.app_configs = OrderedDict()
# set ready to false so that populate will work 
apps.ready = False
# re-initialize them all; is there a way to add just one without reloading them all?

# now I can generate the migrations for the new app
management.call_command('makemigrations', new_app_name, interactive=False)
# and migrate it
management.call_command('migrate', new_app_name, interactive=False)

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