Exporting JUNG graphs to hi-res images (preferably vector based)

Thanks for the suggestions but I have managed to get FreeHEP Vector Graphics library working the way I want to. I am sharing the code below in case anyone runs into the same questions.

The above-named library has a very nice built-in export menu, which handles the export to a bunch of different formats. Code excerpt from the modified ┬┤ModelGraphMouse┬┤ class:

protected void handlePopup(MouseEvent e) {
        final VisualizationViewer<MyNode, MyEdge> vv = (VisualizationViewer<MyNode, MyEdge>)e.getSource();
        Point2D p = e.getPoint();
        GraphElementAccessor<MyNode, MyEdge> pickSupport = vv.getPickSupport();
        if(pickSupport != null) {
            final MyNode v = pickSupport.getVertex(vv.getGraphLayout(), p.getX(), p.getY());

            // if clicked on a vertex -> show info popup
            // else show contexual menu
            if(v != null) {
                JFrame popup = new JFrame("Node: " + v.getId());
            } else{
                JPopupMenu menu = new JPopupMenu();
                JMenuItem exportGraphMenuItem = new JMenuItem("Export graph to vector image...");
                exportGraphMenuItem.addActionListener(new ExportActionListener((WritingVisualizationViewer<V, E>) vv));
                menu.show(e.getComponent(), e.getX(), e.getY());

and the action listener:

    public class ExportActionListener implements ActionListener{

    private VisualizationViewer<V, E> wvv;
    public ExportActionListener(VisualizationViewer<V, E> vv) {
        this.wvv = vv;

    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
        ExportDialog export = new ExportDialog();
        export.showExportDialog(wvv, "Export view as ...", wvv, "export");

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