Function pointer to member function

The syntax is wrong. A member pointer is a different type category from a ordinary pointer. The member pointer will have to be used together with an object of its class:

class A {
 int f();
 int (A::*x)(); // <- declare by saying what class it is a pointer to

int A::f() {
 return 1;

int main() {
 A a;
 a.x = &A::f; // use the :: syntax
 printf("%d\n",(a.*(a.x))()); // use together with an object of its class

a.x does not yet say on what object the function is to be called on. It just says that you want to use the pointer stored in the object a. Prepending a another time as the left operand to the .* operator will tell the compiler on what object to call the function on.

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