Github API – create branch?

The V3 API mentions branches in its reference page

The ref in the URL must be formatted as heads/branch, not just branch.
For example, the call to get the data for a branch named sc/featureA would be:

GET /repos/:user/:repo/git/refs/heads/sc/featureA

Create a Reference

POST /repos/:user/:repo/git/refs



String of the name of the fully qualified reference (ie: refs/heads/master). If it doesn’t start with ‘refs’ and have at least two slashes, it will be rejected.


String of the SHA1 value to set this reference to

So it should be possible to create a new branch, by naming a new ‘/heads‘ in the ref parameter.

Potherca points out to a working test, using the service of (which makes HTTP requests)

  • Find the revision you want to branch from.
    Either on Github itself or by doing a GET request from Hurl:<AUTHOR>/<REPO>/git/refs/heads

  • Copy the revision hash

  • Do a POST request from Hurl to<AUTHOR>/<REPO>/git/refs with the following as the POST body :

          "ref": "refs/heads/<NEW-BRANCH-NAME>",
          "sha": "<HASH-TO-BRANCH-FROM>"

    (obviously replacing the <NEW-BRANCH-NAME> with the name your want the new branch to have and the <HASH-TO-BRANCH-FROM> with, you know, the hash of the revision you want to branch from)

    You will need to use HTTP basic and fill in your Github credentials to access the Github API.

  • Press the Send button and your branch will be created!

In 2022, you can also use gh api

gh api \
  --method POST \
  -H "Accept: application/vnd.github.v3+json" \
  /repos/OWNER/REPO/git/refs \
  -f ref="refs/heads/featureA"
 -f sha="aa218f56b14c9653891f9e74264a383fa43fefbd"

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