How can I convert the stringified version of array reference to actual array reference in Perl?

Yes, you can do this (even without Inline C). An example:

use strict;
use warnings;

# make a stringified reference
my $array_ref = [ qw/foo bar baz/ ];
my $stringified_ref = "$array_ref";

use B; # core module providing introspection facilities
# extract the hex address
my ($addr) = $stringified_ref =~ /.*(0x\w+)/;
# fake up a B object of the correct class for this type of reference
# and convert it back to a real reference
my $real_ref = bless(\(0+hex $addr), "B::AV")->object_2svref;

print join(",", @$real_ref), "\n";

but don’t do that. If your actual object is freed or reused, you may very well
end up getting segfaults.

Whatever you are actually trying to achieve, there is certainly a better way.
A comment to another answer reveals that the stringification is due to using a reference as a hash key. As responded to there, the better way to do that is the well-battle-tested

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