How do you add a JToken to an JObject?

I think you’re getting confused about what can hold what in JSON.Net.

  • A JToken is a generic representation of a JSON value of any kind. It could be a string, object, array, property, etc.
  • A JProperty is a single JToken value paired with a name. It can only be added to a JObject, and its value cannot be another JProperty.
  • A JObject is a collection of JProperties. It cannot hold any other kind of JToken directly.

In your code, you are attempting to add a JObject (the one containing the “banana” data) to a JProperty (“orange”) which already has a value (a JObject containing {"colour":"orange","size":"large"}). As you saw, this will result in an error.

What you really want to do is add a JProperty called “banana” to the JObject which contains the other fruit JProperties. Here is the revised code:

JObject foodJsonObj = JObject.Parse(jsonText);
JObject fruits = foodJsonObj["food"]["fruit"] as JObject;
fruits.Add("banana", JObject.Parse(@"{""colour"":""yellow"",""size"":""medium""}"));

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