How to bind events to Canvas items?

To interact with objects contained in a Canvas object you need to use tag_bind() which has this format: tag_bind(item, event=None, callback=None, add=None)

The item parameter can be either a tag or an id.

Here is an example to illustrate the concept:

from tkinter import * 

def onObjectClick(event):                  
    print('Got object click', event.x, event.y)
    print(event.widget.find_closest(event.x, event.y))

root = Tk()
canv = Canvas(root, width=100, height=100)
obj1Id = canv.create_line(0, 30, 100, 30, width=5, tags="obj1Tag")
obj2Id = canv.create_text(50, 70, text="Click", tags="obj2Tag")

canv.tag_bind(obj1Id, '<ButtonPress-1>', onObjectClick)       
canv.tag_bind('obj2Tag', '<ButtonPress-1>', onObjectClick)   
print('obj1Id: ', obj1Id)
print('obj2Id: ', obj2Id)

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