How to check if a process has the administrative rights

This will tell you if you are running with elevated privileges or not. You can set the manifest to run with most possible if you want it to prompt. There are also other ways to ask windows through code for alternate credentials.

BOOL IsElevated( ) {
    BOOL fRet = FALSE;
    HANDLE hToken = NULL;
    if( OpenProcessToken( GetCurrentProcess( ),TOKEN_QUERY,&hToken ) ) {
        TOKEN_ELEVATION Elevation;
        DWORD cbSize = sizeof( TOKEN_ELEVATION );
        if( GetTokenInformation( hToken, TokenElevation, &Elevation, sizeof( Elevation ), &cbSize ) ) {
            fRet = Elevation.TokenIsElevated;
    if( hToken ) {
        CloseHandle( hToken );
    return fRet;

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