How to create a SerializationBinder for the Binary Formatter that handles the moving of types from one assembly and namespace to another

This could work (instead of your override).

public override Type BindToType(string assemblyName, string typeName)
            var m = Regex.Match(typeName, @"^(?<gen>[^\[]+)\[\[(?<type>[^\]]*)\](,\[(?<type>[^\]]*)\])*\]$");
            if (m.Success)
            { // generic type
                var gen = GetFlatTypeMapping(m.Groups["gen"].Value);
                var genArgs = m.Groups["type"]
                    .Select(c =>
                            var m2 = Regex.Match(c.Value, @"^(?<tname>.*)(?<aname>(,[^,]+){4})$");
                            return BindToType(m2.Groups["aname"].Value.Substring(1).Trim(), m2.Groups["tname"].Value.Trim());
                return gen.MakeGenericType(genArgs);
            return GetFlatTypeMapping(assemblyName,typeName);

Then you just have to implement your way the function GetFlatTypeMapping (not worrying of about generic arguments).

What you will have to do is to return typeof(List<>) and typeof(Dictionary<,>) (or any other generic you would like to use) when asked.

nb: I said typeof(List<>) ! not typeof(List<something>) … that’s important.

disclaimer: because of the regex “(?[^]]*)”, this snipped does not support nested generic types like List<List<string>> … you will have to tweak it a bit to support it !

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