How to deserialize only part of an XML document in C#

It might be a bit old thread, but i will post anyway. i had the same problem (needed to deserialize like 10kb of data from a file that had more than 1MB). In main object (which has a InnerObject that needs to be deserializer) i implemented a IXmlSerializable interface, then changed the ReadXml method.

We have xmlTextReader as input , the first line is to read till a XML tag:

reader.ReadToDescendant("InnerObjectTag"); //tag which matches the InnerObject

Then create XMLSerializer for a type of the object we want to deserialize and deserialize it

XmlSerializer   serializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(InnerObject));

this.innerObject = serializer.Deserialize(reader.ReadSubtree()); //this gives serializer the part of XML that is for  the innerObject data

reader.close(); //now skip the rest 

this saved me a lot of time to deserialize and allows me to read just a part of XML (just some details that describe the file, which might help the user to decide if the file is what he wants to load).

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