How to drag and drop a button from one panel to another panel?

For demonstration, place two panels on a form and a button in one of the panels:

public Form1() {

  panel1.AllowDrop = true;
  panel2.AllowDrop = true;

  panel1.DragEnter += panel_DragEnter;
  panel2.DragEnter += panel_DragEnter;

  panel1.DragDrop += panel_DragDrop;
  panel2.DragDrop += panel_DragDrop;

  button1.MouseDown += button1_MouseDown;

void button1_MouseDown(object sender, MouseEventArgs e) {
  button1.DoDragDrop(button1, DragDropEffects.Move);

void panel_DragEnter(object sender, DragEventArgs e) {
  e.Effect = DragDropEffects.Move;

void panel_DragDrop(object sender, DragEventArgs e) {
  ((Button)e.Data.GetData(typeof(Button))).Parent = (Panel)sender;

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