How to find the largest and smallest element in C using arguments and array? [closed]

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main(int iics, char*argv[]){
    int a,n=0,sum=0,average,highest,lowest,num[100];

    for (a=1; a<iics; ++a)
        sum = sum + (num[n++] = atoi(argv[a]));
    printf ("The sum is %.2d \n", sum);
    average = sum / n;
    printf ("The average is %.2d \n", average);

    highest = num[0];
    lowest = num[0];
    for (a = 1; a < n; ++a){
        if(num[a] > highest)
            highest = num[a];
        if(num[a] < lowest)
            lowest = num[a];
    printf ("The highest element is %.2d \n",highest);
    printf ("The lowest element is %.2d \n", lowest);

    return 0;

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