How to generate core dump file in Ubuntu [duplicate]


Activate your coredumps by the following command:

ulimit -c unlimited

Also, check the core_pattern value by:

sysctl kernel.core_pattern

to see where your dumps are created (%e will be the process name, and %t will be the system time).

You can change it in /etc/sysctl.conf and then reload by sysctl -p.

You can test it by:

sleep 10 &
killall -SIGSEGV sleep

If core dumping is successful, you will see “(core dumped)” after the segmentation fault indication. Otherwise double-check your ulimits again.

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If you’ve Ubuntu, your dumps are created by Apport in /var/crash, however it’s disabled by default.

For more details, check: Where do I find the core dump in Ubuntu?

macOS/OS X

In macOS, crash dumps are automatically created by Crash Reporter in form of backtraces.
You can find these crash files by executing Console and going to ‘User Diagnostic Reports’ section (under ‘Diagnostic and Usage Information’ group) or you can locate them in ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports.

The actual core files are generated in /cores.

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