how to install android studio full offline

Definitely YES, you can always install Android Studio with all SDK packages & Tools on an Off-line PC. As I just did it myself.

Only thing U have to insure that you must have one PC with internet with Similar configuration as of Off-line PC(s). For example, if you have Win 7 64 bits On-Line PC, then you should have Win 7 64 bit on Off-Line PC as well. But I have not tried extensively on 64 vs 32 bit PCs.

Once You have installed Android Bundle (available on android studio website), on both On-line and Off-line PCs, you download all necessary files required to run the Android Studio properly on On-Line PC.

After that, compare the folder inside sdk folder: “C:\user\name\AppData\Local\Android\sdk ” available on both PCs (On-Line & Off-Line). And where ever you feel that some files are missing copy that folder from On-Line PC and paste in Off-Line PC. Especially, you need to do this for folder : ‘extras’, ‘tool’ & ‘system-images’.

After this, just ENJOY!!!

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