How to make Git properly display UTF-8 encoded pathnames in the console window?

git has always used octal utf8 display, and one way to show the actual name is by using printf in a bash shell.

According to this comment, this works even in a Windows msysgit bash, which does include printf (and can be used as in “How do I use octal characters in a git checkout?“).

But that doesn’t change the output of commands like git status or git ls-files.
However, since Git 1.7.10 introduced the support of unicode, this wiki page mentions:

By default, git will print non-ASCII file names in quoted octal notation, i.e. “\nnn\nnn...“. This can be disabled with:

 git config core.quotepath off

Or for all repositories using:

 git config --global core.quotepath off

Keep in mind that:

The default console font does not support Unicode. Change the console font to a TrueType font such as Lucida Console or Consolas.
The setup program can do this automatically, but only for the installing user.

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