IOS: launch image multiple language

The solution is to localize Default.png like any other resource in your project. Select Default.png from project list in Xcode, on the right pane find “Localization” and simply add new localizations. After that you can change the files to be different for all localizations.

  1. In project summary pane in Xcode (talking about Xcode 4.2) add launch images for one or both orientations as normally.
  2. Launch images will appear in your project files list. Select one of them.
  3. Expand Utilities (the pane on the right), you will see following groups: “Indentity and Type”, “Image Properties”, “Localization”, … . In localization group click “+” button. You can now add new localization (for example Spanish).
  4. After that on the left of your file in project list you will see an expand button. Click the button to show files for all localizations.
  5. Your localized Default.png files will appear in .lproj directories in project directory. You can for example manually swipe the file in en.lproj to change english launch image.

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