Iterating a ResultSet using the JDBC for Oracle takes a lot of time about 16s?

I have set up a table with 4000 rows and 10 columns with 10 characters each and made a simple performance test using the following approach (RealTimeCounter is a class which measures the real time between start() and stop()):

List<String> myResult = new ArrayList<>();
ResultSet rs = s.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM Performance");

RealTimeCounter rtc = new RealTimeCounter();
while( {


  • Default fetch size: execution time is approx. 20 sec
  • fetch size = 100: execution time is approx 2.2 sec
  • fetch size = 500: execution time is approx 450 msec
  • fetch size = 2000: execution time is approx 120 msec
  • fetch size = 4000: execution time is approx 50 msec
  • fetch size = 4001: execution time is approx 10 msec (!!)

So, the fetch size does have a significant impact on the execution speed.

Note that, on the other hand, the fetch size has some impact on memory consumption. Interestingly enough, a quick analysis using Runtime.getRuntime().freeMemory(); before and after the above code showed that the impact is much less than I would expect, though. The numbers I got are:

  • Default fetch size: 665k
  • fetch size = 100: 665k
  • fetch size = 500: 665k
  • fetch size = 2000: 743k
  • fetch size = 4000: 821k
  • fetch size = 4001: 861k

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