Java: Checking equality of arrays (order doesn’t matter)

  • Arrays.sort(s1);
  • Arrays.sort(s2);
  • Arrays.equals(s1,s2);

In case you do not want to modify the original arrays

 Arrays.equals( Arrays.sort( Arrays.copyof(s1,s1.length)),
                Arrays.sort( Arrays.copyof(s2,s2.length)) );

Arrays.sort() uses an optimized quick sort which is nlog(n) for average but O(n2) in worst case. From the java docs. So the worst case it will O(n2) but practically it will be O(nlogn) for most of the cases.

The sorting algorithm is a tuned quicksort, adapted from Jon L. Bentley and M. Douglas McIlroy’s “Engineering a Sort Function”, Software-Practice and Experience, Vol. 23(11) P. 1249-1265 (November 1993). This algorithm offers n*log(n) performance on many data sets that cause other quicksorts to degrade to quadratic performance.

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