Laravel quick start guide route not working

Seems like your Laravel app is accesible via an Apache HTTP alias, because your URL looks like: http://localhost/laravel/. If this is the case and assuming that http://localhost/laravel is pointing to your public directory, then follow these steps:

  1. Try to navigate to your expected route prepend it with /index.php/, in your case: http://localhost/laravel/index.php/users. If it works (no 404) then you problem is with the Rewrite Module configuration of Apache HTTP, you should follow the next steps.
  2. Edit the file public/.htaccess.
  3. Under the line RewriteEngine On add RewriteBase /laravel/.
  4. Try to navigate to an existing route.

Basically, if you app resides in a alias or virtual directory (say http://localhost/alias) you should add an entry in your rewrite rule to rewrite the base directory with alias.

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