Pass va_list or pointer to va_list?

It looks like you’ll need to pass a pointer to the va_list. For more info, see the C99 standard document section 7.15.In particular, bullet point 3 states:

The object ap may be passed as an argument to
another function; if that function invokes the va_arg macro with parameter ap, the
value of ap in the calling function is indeterminate
and shall be passed to the va_end
macro prior to any further reference to ap

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Edit: Just noticed a footnote in the standard:

215) It is permitted to create a pointer to a va_list and pass that pointer to another function, in which
case the original function may make further use of the original list after the other function returns

So you can pass a pointer to the va_list and do va_arg(*va_list_pointer) in the called function.

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