PyQt4 to PyQt5 -> mainFrame() deprecated, need fix to load web pages

you must call the QWebEnginePage::toHtml() inside the definition of the class. QWebEnginePage::toHtml() takes a pointer function or a lambda as a parameter, and this pointer function must in turn take a parameter of ‘str’ type (this is the parameter that contains the page’s html). Here is sample code below.

import bs4 as bs
import sys
import urllib.request
from PyQt5.QtWebEngineWidgets import QWebEnginePage
from PyQt5.QtWidgets import QApplication
from PyQt5.QtCore import QUrl

class Page(QWebEnginePage):
    def __init__(self, url): = QApplication(sys.argv)

    def _on_load_finished(self):
        self.html = self.toHtml(self.Callable)
        print('Load finished')

    def Callable(self, html_str):
        self.html = html_str

def main():
    page = Page('')
    soup = bs.BeautifulSoup(page.html, 'html.parser')
    js_test = soup.find('p', class_='jstest')
    print js_test.text

if __name__ == '__main__': main()

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