Recommendations for processing incoming data on a web server [closed]

As @cybermonkey said, you should communicate via HTTP POST. Http Post lets you send data (large bits of data), you can use the headers actively to determine response status etc.

When using POST, I would recommend transporting the strings in JSON-format. JSON Allows you to serialize and deserialize objects, arrays and strings. Can be serialized and deserialized at both ends, so you can transmit data in both directions.

You need a language to receive the data from the mobile app. I’d recommend either the language ASP.NET or my personal favourite PHP. They are both decent web-programming languages.

In order to run these services you need a web-server. There are alot of web-servers out there. The most popular and easy to use is probably Apache / httpd. (Nginx can also be recommended – but is more difficult to work with).

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