Responsive width Facebook Page Plugin

Facebook’s new “Page Plugin” width ranges from 180px to 500px as per the documentation.

  • If configured below 180px it would enforce a minimum width of 180px
  • If configured above 500px it would enforce a maximum width of 500px

With Adaptive Width checked, ex:

enter image description here

Unlike like-box, this plugin enforces its limits by sticking to the boundary values if mis-configured.

For small screens / Responsive behaviors

  • When rendering on smaller screens, enforce desiered width on the plugin container and plugin would try to fit in.

  • The plugin renders at a smaller width (to fit in smaller screens) automatically, if the container is of slimmer than the configured width.

  • You can scale down the container on mobile and the plugin will fit in as long as it gets the minimum of 180px to fit in.

Without Adaptive Width

enter image description here

  • The plugin will render at the width specified, irrespective of the container width

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