Save and load weights in keras

Here is a YouTube video that explains exactly what you’re wanting to do: Save and load a Keras model

There are three different saving methods that Keras makes available. These are described in the video link above (with examples), as well as below.

First, the reason you’re receiving the error is because you’re calling load_model incorrectly.

To save and load the weights of the model, you would first use


to save the weights, as you’ve displayed. To load the weights, you would first need to build your model, and then call load_weights on the model, as in


Another saving technique is This save function saves:

  • The architecture of the model, allowing to re-create the model.
  • The weights of the model.
  • The training configuration (loss, optimizer).
  • The state of the optimizer, allowing to resume training exactly where you left off.

To load this saved model, you would use the following:

from keras.models import load_model
new_model = load_model(filepath)'

Lastly, model.to_json(), saves only the architecture of the model. To load the architecture, you would use

from keras.models import model_from_json
model = model_from_json(json_string)

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