Setting up Point Cloud Library with Visual Studio

  • You have to add the include directories to your project at the Project Properties / Configuration Properties / VC++ Directories / Include Directories field – here you specify the path to your PCL/include directory and to all 3rd party include directories (see PCL/3rdParty folder)

  • You have to add the library directories on the same settings page (Library Directories field) – here you specify the path to your PCL/lib directory and to all non-header-only 3rd party libs (namely Boost, Flann, VTK)

  • You have to tell the linker, which libs you will use. This can be done on Project Properties / Configuration Properties / Linker / Input / Additional Dependencies field. Add all the libs you are using. Most likely, you will need pcl_common, pcl_io, pcl_visualization and some others if you are using any functionalities other than the basics. Be aware to add the _release libs to your release configuration and _debug libs to your debug configuration (which should be a 64bit configuration in your case).

  • Do the above twice, if you plan to use both configurations (Debug and Release)

  • Add the Be PCL/bin folder to your system path variable (you don’t need to add specific dll files, just the folder).

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