spring data jpa limit pagesize, how to set to maxSize

In conjunction with Spring MVC you can use PageableDefaults annotation with value = Integer.MAX_VALUE like

public String showUsers(Model model, 
  @PageableDefaults(pageNumber = 0, value = Integer.MAX_VALUE) Pageable pageable) { … }

see PageableDefaults annotation Javadoc.

In any other client code you can set second constructor parameter to Integer.MAX_VALUE:

new PageRequest(
    queryForm.getPageNumber()- 1, 
    queryForm.getPageSize() == null ? Integer.MAX_VALUE : queryForm.getPageSize(),

see PageRequest constructor. I assume that queryForm.getPageSize() is a wrapper type not a primitive. Otherwise you get a zero if pageSize wasn’t set by the user (intentionally for a “search all” request).


Since Spring Data Commons 1.6 you should use PageableDefault instead of PageableDefaults

public String showUsers(Model model, 
    @PageableDefault(page= 2 ,value = Integer.MAX_VALUE)

See PageableDefault annotation Javadoc.

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