:nth-letter pseudo-element is not working [closed]

There is no :nth-letter pseudo-element (and no :first-char) in CSS. The :first-letter pseudo-element (which the question mentions in the title and in the prose but does not use in the code) works, but to color other letters, you must wrap each of them in an element of its own, normally span.

How to create fluid trapezoid image with css?

Updated Answer (Pure CSS3) Extreme requirements sometimes need extreme solutions. I’ve built upon my original answer (below) to make a pure css solution that works (and can be made to work better, if you want to invest the time in it). The current example is a bit “choppy” in rendering, which may be okay for … Read more

CSS – make div’s inherit a height

As already mentioned this can’t be done with floats, they can’t inherit heights, they’re unaware of their siblings so for example the side two floats don’t know the height of the centre content, so they can’t inherit from anything. Usually inherited height has to come from either an element which has an explicit height or … Read more

jQuery – How to get all styles/css (defined within internal/external document) with HTML of an element

outerHTML (not sure, you need it — just in case) Limitations: CSSOM is used and stylesheets should be from the same origin. function getElementChildrenAndStyles(selector) { var html = $(selector).outerHTML(); selector = selector.split(“,”).map(function(subselector){ return subselector + “,” + subselector + ” *”; }).join(“,”); elts = $(selector); var rulesUsed = []; // main part: walking through all … Read more