Which logging library is better? [closed]

I’ve used Codesite and it has been fantastic. On one project, a word-processor, I could easily output a million debug lines, all structured, and Codesite helped greatly with its auto-collapsing indented output. For any task where you have to know what really is happening “underneath” a process that can’t be interrupted by user interaction, Codesite … Read more

Delphi Conversion Unicode Issues

There are many resources available that you can read and that you will assist in the migration from Delphi 6 to Delphi 2009/2010 (Unicode). You can use these articles as a guide. Unicode Migration Statistics Tool (This utility will hopefully assist you in collecting useful statistics on how hard (or not) it would be to … Read more

How do I make a PNG resource?

Example text file (named myres.rc): MYPNG RCDATA mypng.png Added to project: {$R ‘myres.res’ ‘myres.rc’} Example of loading at runtime: uses PngImage; var Png: TPngImage; begin Png := TPngImage.Create; try Png.LoadFromResourceName(HInstance, ‘MYPNG’); Image1.Picture.Graphic := Png; // Image1: TImage on the form finally Png.Free; end; end;

How to properly free records that contain various types in Delphi at once?

Assuming you have a Delphi version that supports implementing methods on a record, you could clear a record like this: type TSomeRecord = record field1: integer; field2: string; field3: boolean; procedure Clear; end; procedure TSomeRecord.Clear; begin Self := Default(TSomeRecord); end; If your compiler doesn’t support Default then you can do the same quite simply like … Read more

ORM for DELPHI win32

Marco Cantu is a big believer in InstantObjects: http://www.instantobjects.org/ Others include DObject: http://www.macrobject.com/en/dobject/ and tiOPF http://tiopf.sourceforge.net/Doc/overview/index.shtml You also might be interested in the G Framework: http://code.google.com/p/g-framework/