Difference between no-cache and must-revalidate for Cache-Control?

I believe that must-revalidate means : Once the cache expires, refuse to return stale responses to the user even if they say that stale responses are acceptable. Whereas no-cache implies : must-revalidate plus the fact the response becomes stale right away. If a response is cacheable for 10 seconds, then must-revalidate kicks in after 10 … Read more

How to use the CSV MIME-type?

You could try to force the browser to open a “Save As…” dialog by doing something like: header(‘Content-type: text/csv’); header(‘Content-disposition: attachment;filename=MyVerySpecial.csv’); echo “cell 1, cell 2”; Which should work across most major browsers.

Prototype AJAX request being sent as OPTIONS rather than GET; results in 501 error

Too many hours looking for a correct fix on prototypejs… finally, we have a non-intrusive solution on great kourge (Wilson Lee) article!. Here is an excerpt: Most major Ajax frameworks like to set custom HTTP headers on the Ajax requests you instantiate; the most popular header is X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest. Consequently your request is promoted to … Read more