what are the methods “public override bool equals(object obj)” and “public override int gethashcode()” doing? [closed]

Most types in .NET derive from the type System.Object, simply called object in C#. (E.g. interfaces don’t, however their implementations do.)

System.Object declares the methods Equals and GetHashCode as well as other members. (Note: The case matters in C#). The types you create automatically inherit these methods.

The task of Equals is to compare an object to another. The default implementation for reference types is to compare the references. If you want to change this behavior, you will have to override this method.

GetHashCode calculates the hash code of an object and is used in hash tables. For instance the types Dictionary<TKey,TValue> and HashSet<T> make use of it.
See Hashtable and Dictionary Collection Types. If you override Equals, you have to override GetHashCode as well in order to keep consistency.

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