What is the fastest way to count set bits in UInt32

The bit-twiddling hacks page has a number of options.

Of course, you could argue that iterating over all 32 possible bits is O(N) in that it’s the same cost every time 🙂

For simplicity, I’d consider the lookup-table-per-byte approach, or Brian Kernighan’s neat idea which iterates as many times as there are bits set, which I’d write as:

public static int CountBits(uint value)
    int count = 0;
    while (value != 0)
        value &= value - 1;
    return count;

If you don’t like the idea of populating a 256-entry lookup table, a lookup-per-nybble would still be pretty fast. Mind you, it’s possible that 8 array lookups might be slower than 32 simple bit operations.

Of course, it’s worth testing your app’s real performance before going to particularly esoteric approaches… is this really a bottleneck for you?

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