what will be the sql query code of this “Healthcare” database?

Update your 3rd query to –

SELECT Patient.Name, Patient.age 
from Patient 
where patient.age < '50'
and EXISTS ( 
      SELECT Prescription.DoctorID 
      from Prescription 
      where Patient.Primary_DoctorID = Prescription.DoctorID
      and Prescription.P_ID = ( 
            select Prescription_Medicine.P_ID 
            FROM Prescription_Medicine 
            where Prescription_Medicine.Tradename="Vitamin" )

And update your 4th query to –

SELECT dname
FROM doctor d
JOIN (SELECT speciality, MAX(doctor.experience) 
      FROM doctor
      GROUP BY speciality) d1 on d.speciality = d1.speciality
WHERE speciality = 'Heart'

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