What’s wrong with XOR encryption?

The problem with XOR encryption is that for long runs of the same characters, it is very easy to see the password. Such long runs are most commonly spaces in text files. Say your password is 8 chars, and the text file has 16 spaces in some line (for example, in the middle of ASCII-graphics table). If you just XOR that with your password, you’ll see that output will have repeating sequences of characters. The attacker would just look for any such, try to guess the character in the original file (space would be the first candidate to try), and derive the length of the password from length of repeating groups.

Binary files can be even worse as they often contain repeating sequences of 0x00 bytes. Obviously, XORing with those is no-op, so your password will be visible in plain text in the output! An example of a very common binary format that has long sequences of nulls is .doc.

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