Why does this intentionally incorrect use of strcpy not fail horribly?

First, copying into an array that is too small:

C has no protection for going past array bounds, so if there is nothing sensitive at dst1[5..9], then you get lucky, and the copy goes into memory that you don’t rightfully own, but it doesn’t crash either. However, that memory is not safe, because it has not been allocated to your variable. Another variable may well have that memory allocated to it, and later overwrite the data you put in there, corrupting your string later on.

Secondly, copying from an array that is not null-terminated:

Even though we’re usually taught that memory is full of arbitrary data, huge chunks of it are zero’d out. Even though you didn’t put a null-terminator in src2, chances are good that src[5] happens to be \0 anyway. This makes the copy succeed. Note that this is NOT guaranteed, and could fail on any run, on any platform, at anytime. But you got lucky this time (and probably most of the time), and it worked.

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