Why won’t my awakeFromNib fire?

-awakeFromNib is sent to all object that are instantiated from the nib after all nib objects have instantiated. The owner is not one of those objects. It exists prior to deserializing the nib and is wired to the nib after loading, so it is not sent -awakeFromNib (unless of course it is instantiated by some other nib itself).

One clue here is that there’s no way both -initFromChromosomePair:basepairStart:basepairEnd: and -awakeFromNib could both be called. The nib loader always calls -initWithCoder:, -initWithFrame: or -init (the rules for which is sent are in The Nib Object Life Cycle). The fact that you have some other designated initializer strongly suggests that you’re manually creating this object somewhere in the code, which means this object is not “awaken from nib.”

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