Acceleration from device’s coordinate system into absolute coordinate system

I finally managed to solve it! So to get acceleration vector in Earth’s coordinate system you need to:

  1. get rotation matrix (float[16] so it could be used later by android.opengl.Matrix class) from SensorManager.getRotationMatrix() (using SENSOR.TYPE_GRAVITY and SENSOR.TYPE_MAGNETIC_FIELD sensors values as parameters),
  2. use android.opengl.Matrix.invertM() on the rotation matrix to invert it (not transpose!),
  3. use Sensor.TYPE_LINEAR_ACCELERATION sensor to get linear acceleration vector (in device’s coord. sys.),
  4. use android.opengl.Matrix.multiplyMV() to multiply the rotation matrix by linear acceleration vector.

And there you have it! I hope I will save some precious time for others.

Thanks for Edward Falk and Ali for hints!!

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