Autoscroll in Angular 2


Currently there is no automatic way.

See also Angular 2 typescript error when using subscribe function on new router (rc 1)

See also

class MyAppComponent {
  constructor(router: Router) { => {
      if (s instanceof NavigationEnd) {
        const tree = router.parseUrl(router.url);
        if (tree.fragment) {
          // you can use DomAdapter
          const element = document.querySelector("#" + tree.fragment);
          if (element) { element.scrollIntoView(element); }


In the new router V3-beta.2 you can pass a fragment with router links and router navigation

<a [routerLink]="..." fragment="top">

it should scroll to it but also adds #top to the URL (not tested myself yet)



There is an open issue covering this

A workaround (mentioned in

Inject the router, subscribe to route changes and invoke the scroll to top:

>= RC.x

router.changes.subscribe() => {
  window.scrollTo(0, 0);

.filter(e => e instanceof NavigationEnd)
.subscribe(() => {
  window.scrollTo(0, 0);

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