Change title of Tkinter application in OS X Menu Bar

My answer is based on one buried in the middle of some forums. It was a bit difficult to find that solution, but I liked it because it allows you to distribute your application as a single cross platform script. There’s no need to run it through py2app or anything similar, which would then leave you with an OS X specific package.

Anyways, I’m sharing my cleaned up version here to give it a bit more attention then it was getting there. You’ll need to install pyobjc via pip to get the Foundation module used in the code.

from sys import platform

# Check if we're on OS X, first.
if platform == 'darwin':
    from Foundation import NSBundle
    bundle = NSBundle.mainBundle()
    if bundle:
        info = bundle.localizedInfoDictionary() or bundle.infoDictionary()
        if info and info['CFBundleName'] == 'Python':
            info['CFBundleName'] = <Your application name here>

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