CSS: How to have position:absolute div inside a position:relative div not be cropped by an overflow:hidden on a container

A trick that works is to position box #2 with position: absolute instead of position: relative. We usually put a position: relative on an outer box (here box #2) when we want an inner box (here box #3) with position: absolute to be positioned relative to the outer box. But remember: for box #3 to be positioned relative to box #2, box #2 just need to be positioned. With this change, we get:

And here is the full code with this change:

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en">
        <style type="text/css">

            /* Positioning */
            #box1 { overflow: hidden }
            #box2 { position: absolute }
            #box3 { position: absolute; top: 10px }

            /* Styling */
            #box1 { background: #efe; padding: 5px; width: 125px }
            #box2 { background: #fee; padding: 2px; width: 100px; height: 100px }
            #box3 { background: #eef; padding: 2px; width: 75px; height: 150px }

        <div id="box1">
            <div id="box2">
                <div id="box3"/>

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