Data consolidation using Perl [closed]

Use a hash of hashes, where the first level key is an hour, and the second level key is a function name. The values would then be arrayrefs containing all data points. You can then extract the min/max values. Or you could keep the current min/max values, and test against these for each new value.

To parse the input, I recommend the Text::CSV module.

The code would look a bit like:

use List::Util qw/min max/;

my %times;
while (my ($hour, $fun, $val) = ...) {
  push @{ $times{$hour}{$fun} }, $val;

for my $hour (sort { $a <=> $b } keys %times) {
  my $funs = $times{$hour};
  for my $fun (sort keys %$funs) {
    my $vals = $funs->{$fun};
    my $count = @$vals;
    my $min = min @$vals;
    my $max = max @$vals;

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