Developing a Robocode type game with .Net, for a School Assignment

is this project feasible at all ?

It sounds big. I don’t know how much time you have. Here’s a rule of thumb:

  • When the drop-dead due-date happens, if 90% of the system delivering 90% of the functionality is 100% complete, then you might say that the project is at least 90% successful.

  • OTOH if 100% of the software delivering 100% of the functionality is only 90% finished (i.e., is not finished) then nothing is finished and the project is a failure.

A key to success, then, is “incremental development” and “continual delivery”. Your project specification says:

We need to develop a Software Project, that basically incorporates a whole system.

To do this, I suggest:

  1. Create (i.e., design, develop, and test) a small whole system
  2. Repeat { backup or version control what you have; add a new, whole little bit to the system, and test it until it’s satisfactory } until (you run out of time).

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