Disabling android’s chrome pull-down-to-refresh feature

The default action of the pull-to-refresh effect can be effectively prevented by doing any of the following :

  1. preventDefault’ing some portion of the touch sequence, including any of the following (in order of most disruptive to least disruptive):
    • a. The entire touch stream (not ideal).
    • b. All top overscrolling touchmoves.
    • c. The first top overscrolling touchmove.
    • d. The first top overscrolling touchmove only when 1) the initial touchstart occurred when the page y scroll offset was zero and 2) the touchmove would induce top overscroll.
  2. Applying “touch-action: none” to touch-targeted elements, where appropriate, disabling default actions (including pull-to-refresh) of the touch sequence.
  3. Applying “overflow-y: hidden” to the body element, using a div for scrollable content if necessary.
  4. Disabling the effect locally via chrome://flags/#disable-pull-to-refresh-effect).

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