Does Vue.js have a built in way to add a copy of a persistent object to a repeated array

See this issue on GitHub.

Shallow Clone

I was using jQuery’s $.extend until Evan You pointed out there is an undocumented built it extend function Vue.util.extend that does a shallow clone. So what you could use is:

addItem: function(e) {

  this.items.push(Vue.util.extend({}, this.newItem));

See the updated Fiddle.

Deep Clone

When doing a shallow clone on an object that references other objects you copy the references to the external objects instead of cloning them. To clone the object completely do a Deep Clone.

For the deep clone, per Evan’s suggestion in the first link, one could use: JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(object)). This can be seen between this fiddle and this fiddle.

If using lodash check out lodash cloneDeep. If using NPM check out clone-deep.

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