Efficient 4×4 matrix multiplication (C vs assembly)

4×4 matrix multiplication is 64 multiplications and 48 additions. Using SSE this can be reduced to 16 multiplications and 12 additions (and 16 broadcasts). The following code will do this for you. It only requires SSE (#include <xmmintrin.h>). The arrays A, B, and C need to be 16 byte aligned. Using horizontal instructions such as hadd (SSE3) and dpps (SSE4.1) will be less efficient (especially dpps). I don’t know if loop unrolling will help.

void M4x4_SSE(float *A, float *B, float *C) {
    __m128 row1 = _mm_load_ps(&B[0]);
    __m128 row2 = _mm_load_ps(&B[4]);
    __m128 row3 = _mm_load_ps(&B[8]);
    __m128 row4 = _mm_load_ps(&B[12]);
    for(int i=0; i<4; i++) {
        __m128 brod1 = _mm_set1_ps(A[4*i + 0]);
        __m128 brod2 = _mm_set1_ps(A[4*i + 1]);
        __m128 brod3 = _mm_set1_ps(A[4*i + 2]);
        __m128 brod4 = _mm_set1_ps(A[4*i + 3]);
        __m128 row = _mm_add_ps(
                        _mm_mul_ps(brod1, row1),
                        _mm_mul_ps(brod2, row2)),
                        _mm_mul_ps(brod3, row3),
                        _mm_mul_ps(brod4, row4)));
        _mm_store_ps(&C[4*i], row);

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