flask sqlalchemy query with keyword as variable

SQLAlchemy’s filter_by takes keyword arguments:


In other words, the function will allow you to give it any keyword parameter. This is why you can use any keyword that you want in your code: SQLAlchemy basically sees the arguments a dictionary of values. See the Python tutorial for more information on keyword arguments.

So that allows the developers of SQLAlchemy to receive an arbitrary bunch of keyword arguments in a dictionary form. But you’re asking for the opposite: can you pass an arbitrary bunch of keyword arguments to a function?

It turns out that in Python you can, using a feature called unpacking. Simply create the dictionary of arguments and pass it to the function preceded by **, like so:

kwargs = {'hometown': 'New York', 'university' : 'USC'}
# This above line is equivalent to saying...
User.query.filter_by(hometown='New York', university='USC')

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