Getting system Timezones in different languages

Changing the CurrentCulture doesn’t work as the information comes from the registry (XP) or from the Multilingual User Interface (MUI) DLL (Vista, Windows 7).

On Vista or Windows 7, you may install other languages and change the display language (Region and Language -> Keyboards and languages -> Display language). A reboot is required. This, and only this, will actually change the language used in TimeZoneInfo.

On Windows 7, only Ultimate and Enterprise allow the installation of other languages – by means of installing Multilingual User Interface Packs.

Once you installed other languages, you should be able to find the DLLs in the system32 folder (look for tzres) and maybe export the resources with Visual Studio.

As to credible/official sources – how about an article on msdn of the BCL Team:

…the display strings are loaded either from the Multilingual User
Interface (MUI) DLL
, tzres.dll, or straight from the registry, when
MUI support is unavailable. MUI-enabled operating systems such as
Windows Vista contain MUI_Display, MUI_Std, and MUI_Dlt keys, which
are indirectly controlled by the operating systems regional settings.
On down-level platforms such as Windows XP and Windows Server 2003,
only the Display, Std, and Dlt keys exist. The Display, Std, and Dlt
key values are localized only in the default language of the operating

So what did they write about CurrentUICulture ?

Because of the Windows time zone registry architecture,
CurrentUICulture settings do not impact the values of these
TimeZoneInfo properties

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